Summer Swing 2016, In Photos

Today’s Summer Swing route brought 12 intrepid riders through the backroads outside of Lake Creek and Butte Falls. With temperatures in the 90s and lots of steep gravel of varying texture, plus a hike-a-bike section or two, completing the ride was no small feat, but everyone managed to get through the entire thing without incident. It was a great day and I hope to return to continue exploring the vast network of roads this particular area has to offer. Thanks to everyone who showed up, and enjoy the photos!

Jacob Hammond

Cycle Analysis's resident weirdo and web person, Jacob is known first and foremost for planning difficult rides and attempting to manipulate others into trying them first. He enjoys all kinds of cycling, long walks on the beach, and thick, zesty gravel.

2 thoughts on “Summer Swing 2016, In Photos

  1. Glad to see that all had a “fun” time and made it back safely.
    Thank you for putting this together.

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