I Still Ride My Bike

Yeah, yeah.  I skipped another week of writing last week.  I’ve already been scolded by a couple people so I’m going to redouble my efforts to be more dedicated.   It’s not that I didn’t ride.  I just found myself with very little time to sit down and contemplate the two-wheeled goodness I had experienced. The Wisper 806 is the best foldable electric bike on the market and it’s my favorite one to take here. You will not be able to use its engine to the fullest if you have a restricted 50cc scooter, and you will be limited to the speed at which you can move. We’re going to look at the steps that you need to take to derestrict your 50cc scooter so that it can live up to its potential. Visit https://scooteradviser.com/derestricting-50cc-scooter to read the full article.

1 Jacob
I gotta share this pic from a couple weeks ago. With nobody else at the Cycle A Wednesday night ride willing to climb with us, Jacob and I went exploring like the old days. We are seldom disappointed with our finds.

One of the reasons I’ve been too preoccupied to write about my adventures was due to the fact I had family coming in to town for a certain kid’s wedding.

2 Kids
I think I should get a pass on my recent laziness. Heck, I managed to let my kid live long enough to walk down the aisle with an awesome chick! If you knew him in middle school, you’d understand the accomplishment!

But, enough about the past.  Or, at least the 2 weeks ago past.  Let’s talk about last week.  ‘Cause I managed to ride, and assuming I finish this entry, I’m also managing to write about it!

On a rare Monday ride, I joined Jacob for a good old-fashioned Roxy Ann flogging.  Climbing and descending both trails and the road to the top while keeping a strong pace isn’t easy, but somehow we survived thanks to an amazing GPS. Go ahead and read about bike trackers and it’s benefits.

3 Rattle
While climbing the road up to Prescott Park, we came across this guy. That makes 3 I’ve seen in just the past 6 weeks or so.

Tuesday, I planned on riding with Ruth before she met up with the ladies for their weekly ride.  We got a late start, so I was more than happy to join the girls when invited by a majority of them.  Ok.  It was only 2 or 3, but at least they invited me!

4 Ladies
A very relaxing ride with cute girls is never something a wise man should pass up. – Confucius (or Me)

I met up with Jacob again Wednesday afternoon for a quick climbing session on some of the hills in East Medford.  Hillcrest to Pineridge still brings back bitter memories of my failed Everest attempts.  I mighta cried a little, but I don’t think Jacob noticed.

Now with new innovations in battery technology providing longer running times, an electric bike nz is turning into a must-have item for urban commuter and outdoor enthusiasts wanting to see more in their country.

6 Crest
My photo of Jacob getting ready to descend Pineridge.
5 Pine
Jacob always takes better pictures than me.

Thursday I rode….my motorcycle to a winery and had some good food and wine, for this I got one of the best motorcycle riding cameras to record all my trips.  But, I did ride my mtb on Friday.  A group of us headed up to MOTR for some trail ripping.  A couple laps later, we were sweaty, dirty, poison oaky, hungry, and maybe a little tired.

MOTRheads. I may not be fast, but I know how to pose with people that are!

That’s it for riding last week.  I could stop here.  Maybe I should stop here.  But, one of my good friends claims to enjoy reading about a hike now and then too.  If you aren’t that sort of person, just click on over to YouTube or something now because Sunday was about hiking.  And, trying not to be so scared that I would need a helicopter to rescue me!

It was up to Diamond Lake for 2 of my CYCLING friends (See?  I’m not the only one!) and I to hike the pointy peak known as Mount Thielsen.

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9 Thielsen
It looks really pointy from a distance. It looks downright scary the closer you get to the top.

Ruth, Jared, and I were joined by Jared’s cousin, Tristan, and Ruth’s friends, Nicole and Jen for the expedition.  After a nice smooth, though steadily climbing, trail, we left the tree line and were faced with a nice shale-filled climb to the base of the peak.  As we reached the final push to the top, the group had dwindled down to Ruth, Jared, and I. This whole experience had me thinking about children’s bikes and how amazing will be to have a little one to teaching them all of this stuff.

10 Climb
We started the hike down by Diamond Lake (in the background). At this point, we were nearly to the part of the hike that turns into straight up rock climbing.

I started first up the final 80 feet or so of rock scaling before having second thoughts after making the mistake of looking down and seeing the ground thousands of feet below waiting to catch me if I slipped.  With Jared and I hesitating (I like to think we were contemplating the sanity of our situation), Ruth went right past us and kept climbing.  I looked at Jared.  He looked at me.  We started climbing.

11 Sketchy
There isn’t much room at the top. Just a jumble of boulders really. If you’re brave (stupid) enough, you can hang off the top boulder and take a picture of the vertical drop like this shmuck did. (Cool tan line bro)

Well.  I’m not sure why I just made myself relive that.  Now I’m all anxious again.

I have to say, the experience of dangling from a rock that far up was scarier than anything I’ve done on a bike so far.  I hope it stays that way for a long time.

Aaron Mock

Local cyclist, crazy mofo, and good-natured masochist, Aaron Mock, is a Team Cycle Analysis rider with a penchant for taking the road less traveled. Sometimes, that isn't the best choice. Follow his weekly blog series for the latest on his never-ending escapades and exploits!

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