Spring Fling 2016 – Short Course Photos

Saturday, April 16 was the first edition of the Spring Fling, a gravel ride that took place in the Little Applegate valley and explored the slopes of Anderson Butte. Roughly 25 riders showed up for a great day in the sun. Here are some pictures from the less-ambitious but still challenging Short Course, a.k.a. the “Travolta.”

Stay tuned for Aaron’s upcoming blog post, which will feature more photos and coverage of the Long Course!

Jacob Hammond

Cycle Analysis's resident weirdo and web person, Jacob is known first and foremost for planning difficult rides and attempting to manipulate others into trying them first. He enjoys all kinds of cycling, long walks on the beach, and thick, zesty gravel.

3 thoughts on “Spring Fling 2016 – Short Course Photos

  1. Great photos, Jacob. It looks like you guys had just as much fun as us. And, to think you were SO close to the hiding spot for the brownies in Buncom.

  2. Awesome photos. Thank you and Aaron for planning this. Looking forward to the Boys(and Girls) of summer edition.

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